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Do you know the difference between the sound of tape & other formats? Did you even know there was a difference? One could argue endlessly about the relative merits of digital versus analogue based on instrument reading, convenience, or, simply, personal preference. This discussion has been ongoing since digital formats were introduced almost 40 years ago. Yet, in our experience, when someone listens to a recording made and reproduced on tape, the argument stops, the same way you stop discussing ingredients and preparation once the taste of a meal prepared with love, care and skills hits your pallets. All of the sudden, it’s all about emotion. 

Sample the Difference

Digital is an approximation. Even at high sampling rates and bit count (such as 192Khz, 24 Bit), small but audible artifacts are created - theoretically pushed to unaudible frequencies, but practically distorting the signal as they create lower harmonics that interfere with the signal.  Imperfections in Digital to Analog conversion due to imprecise ‘ladder’ resistor manufacturing create artifacts that further add distortion to the signal. It’s a compromise born on the basis of prioritizing convenience over everything else. Analog, on the other hand, preserves the signal as it was created, and Tape is the ultimate medium to bring the analog purity and emotion to your ears, the way the artist conceived it. 


End to End Analog Chain

 A signal starts as an analog wave, and, with the same care that a finewine producer takes into preserving the essence of their product as it moves from barrel to barrel tobottle, we preserve the original signal all the way throughout the signal chain into the final medium.From our high quality microphones to the magical sound characteristics of our recording space, toour top quality oxygen free copper cables, to our state of the art Neve, SSL and UA preamps, to ouranalog SSL console, to our vintage, tube based external effect units,emotions travel unadulterated, pristine, directly into your home, your ears, and your heart.

Analog Imprint

At Stella Records, our mission is to bring a forgotten art and its emotions back to our listeners, in a way that completely transforms the listening experience. Sadly, many of today’s analog formats such as Vinyl, are often an analog print of a digital master. We believe that, to preserve the emotional transfer between the artist and the listener, one needs to preserve the signal in its original form, end to end. Our beautiful 24-track, 2inch recording machine, to our mastering tape machines equipped with flux magnetic heads, the way we preserve the original master from degradation by employing a high-quality, 2-track, 1-inch intermediate step, are the ingredients of our art, available to you. Words can describe emotions, but only listening makes it possible to experience them. We invite you to join us in this journey, as an artist, as a collector, as a fellow traveller in our journey to bring emotions back to the music-listening experience.

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