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Stella Records is committed to the cause of creating a better, healthier and fairer world. We believe in musical purity as a vehicle for Artist's expression and have a mission to preserve that via our dedication to Analog, and Tape.  We devolve parts of our revenues to supporting various philanthropic causes such as advancing research against Pancreatic cancer and other forms of Cancer 


Preserving the True Essence of Music

Marco Stella is a long time music lover, philanthropist and technologist. He serves in several non-profit boards including national cancer research centers. He is the lead guitarist of the charity-focused bands Element47 and The Constructors



Analog, Uncompromised

Ryan O’Connor is the founder of tape restoration company Reel to Reel Haven, and co-founder of Reel to Reel Media. In Ryan’s words: I am tasked with ensuring many things but none more important than the 1940’s customer service feel we bring to our customers. Marco & I we have developed a platform where digital is simply not allowed. A platform where sound purity rules not money. I hope that you will join this incredible label and help me achieve my mission of bringing feeling back into everyone’s home.

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